Capital Celluloid 2021 — Day 175: Sun Nov 7

The Burned Barns (Chapot, 1973): Cine Lumiere, 2pm

This 35mm presentation, which also screens on November 16th (full details here), is part of the Simone Signoret season at Cine Lumiere. All the films in the seasion can be found here.

Cine Lumiere introduction:
When the body of a young woman is found on the outskirts of the ‘Granges Brûlées’ farm, an examining officer investigates and gradually uncovers the life and failings of the farm’s inhabitant. Two years after their first appearance together in La Veuve Couderc, Delon and Signoret are reunited in a similar setting: a crime investigation where the emphasis is much more on character than plot.

Here (and above) is the opening title sequence.

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Anonymous said...

No sign of this online. Looks to have been replaced with a different Signoret film.