Capital Celluloid 2021 — Day 178: Wed Nov 10

Let Joy Reign Supreme (Tavernier, 1975): Cine Lumiere, 6pm

This 35mm presentation, part of the French Film Festival, will also be shown on November 5th. Full details can be found via this link.

Time Out review:
Bernard Tavernier's second film, made during the period when the rewriting of history on film was the key issue in French cinema, never released in Britain but a hit in the US under the ironic title Let Joy Reign Supreme. Spectacular as French costume movies go, but never extravagant for its own sake, this is a subtle exploration of power politics in the court of the Regent Philippe of Orleans in 1719, taking in the revolutionary cause of Breton secessionists and the commerce in sex that provokes intrigues. Philippe Noiret is compelling as the Regent, and Christine Pascal fleshes out the peasant girl from whose perspective the narrative is argued. Here 'Winstanley' meets 'Casanova', and it works.

Here (and above) is the trailer.

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