Capital Celluloid 2022 — Day 22: Sat Jan 22

 From Russia With Love (Young, 1963): Prince Charles Cinema, 3pm

The Prince Charles is running a full chronological James Bond season. Details here.

The press reviews of the films don't capture the excitement of the Bond films and I am recommending the Blogalongabond series by Neil Alcock (aka @theincrediblesuit on Twitter). Here is his take on From Russia With Love.

Chicago Reader review:
For my money, still the best Bond, with a screwball plotline that keeps the locales changing and the surprises coming—even when reason dictates that the picture should be over. Lotte Lenya and Robert Shaw make a creepy pair, and Daniela Bianchi embodies the essence of centerfold sex, circa 1964.

Dave Kehr

Here is an extract.

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