Capital Celluloid 2022 — Day 69: Fri Mar 11

A Clockwork Orange (Kubrick, 1971): Rio Cinema, 11.30pm

Guardian review: 
Stanley Kubrick greeted the 1970s with this massive howl of rage: a boiling, combative screed as different as humanly possible from 2001’s paean to cosmic harmony which preceded it. Kubrick is taking aim at the powers-that-be, unable to effectively contain the problems in their midst, alternating between quasi-fascist social control and absurdly indulgent liberalism. Like Full Metal Jacket, this film’s first half is where the real goodies are: if truth be told, the fireworks tail off towards the back end as Alex successively re-encounters his victims. But what fireworks they are.
Andrew Pulver

Here (and above) is the new BFI trailer.

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