Capital Celluloid 2022 — Day 75: Fri Mar 18

Dracula’s Daughter (Hillyer, 1936): Cinema Museum, 7pm

The Gothique Film Society concludes its 55th season at the Cinema Museum with this movie and the 1971 Italian horror film Lady Frankenstein.

Time Out review: A genuine sequel to Tod Browning's Dracula (based on Bram Stoker's story Dracula's Guest), Universal's low-budget shocker finds Van Helsing placed under arrest for the murder of the Count, only for a mysterious woman (Gloria Holden) to turn up and take away Dracula's body for ritual consignment to a funeral pyre. Though she has inherited the vampic urge from her father, this princess of darkness desperately seeks release from her condition through an understanding psychologist (Otto Kruger). Apart from its haunting, low-key mood, the film is also notable for its subtle suggestion (hardly expected from a former director of B Westerns) of the lesbian nature of the female vampire. David Thompson

Here (and above) is the trailer.

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