Capital Celluloid 2022 — Day 339: Fri Dec 9

Alexander (Stone, 2004): Regent Street Cinema, 6pm

Acclaimed film director Oliver Stone will be at Regent Street Cinema to present the definitive and rarely seen cut of perhaps his most ambitious film, in the shape he originally wanted it to have.

Alexander is his account of the life, quest and battles of Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) from his boyhood in Greece to Babylon and Persia and the edge of modern India. It is an epic that follows in the tradition of the astonishing Cinemascope and Vista Vision movies of the 195os and 60s such as Ben-Hur, Quo Vadis or The Ten Commandments. It stars Colin Farrell as Alexander and a remarkable cast including Anthony Hopkins as Ptolemy, Angelina Jolie as Alexander's ruthless mother Olympias and Val Kilmer as his bloodthirsty father Philip.

Ahead of the film Oliver Stone will be in conversation with Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones, Professor of Ancient History at Cardiff University and a historical consultant on the original film.

Alexander Revealed, The Final Cut has a running time of 213 minutes and will be shown with a short intermission. This screening accompanies the British Library exhibition Alexander the Great: the Making of a Myth which runs until 19 February 2023.

Here (and above) is the trailer.

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