Capital Celluloid 2023 — Day 274: Mon Oct 2

Witness (Weir, 1985): Prince Charles Cinema, 3.15pm

This 35mm presentation is also screened on October 17th, which will feature an introduction by Elena Lazic of Animus Magazine.

Time Out review:
Peter Weir's first film set in America explores a theme familiar from his earlier work: the discovery of an all but forgotten culture in modern society: in this case the Amish, a puritanical sect whose life in Pennsylvania has remained unchanged since the 18th century. Threat explodes into this community when an Amish boy witnesses a murder; cop Harrison Ford investigates the case and, finding his own life endangered, is forced to hot-foot it back to the Amish ranch with the bad guys in pursuit. The film also allows Ford to fall in love with the boy's mother (Kelly McGillis), and comments on the distance between the messy world Ford leaves behind and the cloistered one in which he takes refuge. Powerful, assured, full of beautiful imagery and thankfully devoid of easy moralising, it also offers a performance of surprising skill and sensitivity from Ford.

Here (and above) is the trailer.

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