Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Capital Celluloid - Day 341: Saturday Dec 10

"Quote-a-long" Ghostbusters (Reitman, 1984): Prince Charles Cinema, 8.30pm

Time Out review:

'A welcome reissue for this deliriously inventive, evergreen 1984 family comedy. Or at least, it used to be a family film: thanks to a churlish re-think by the BBFC – it’s been upped from a PG – ‘Ghostbusters’ is now deemed unsuitable for its target audience. Though presumably, this has more to do with some spicy language (‘this man has no dick!’) and ‘adult’ situations (Sigourney Weaver’s mid-air ecstasy) than anything to spook the under-12s. Quibbles aside, this is a near-flawless example of the ’80s genre boom in full swing, fusing state-of-the-art SFX, a loopy guys-on-a-mission plot, some awful synth ’n’ snare electro-pop and a handful of the finest one-liners ever' Tom Huddleston 

Here is the trailer.

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