Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Capital Celluloid - Day 355: Saturday Dec 24

Tim Burton's The Nightmare before Christmas 3D (Selick, 2006):
Clapham Picturehouse, 5pm

Time Out review:

'Probably the single neatest expression of Tim Burton’s cute-gothic outsider sensibility, this highly likeable 1993 stop-motion fable also proves a perfect match for Disney’s impressive new 3D technology. The spindly, ragged tactility that always made ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ such a visual treat now leaps from the screen, its undead stars coming alive thanks to a process that saw the meticulously crafted original translated frame by frame into a digital model, then processed for viewing through polarised specs. The story sees Jack Skellington, ennui-stricken King of Halloweentown, alighting on a muddle-headedly revitalising scheme: he and his variously rotting, slavering and blood-sucking subjects will co-opt Christmas and deliver a holiday according to their own gruesome lights. Daintily combining cartoon horror-show visuals with quasi-Romantic yearnings and a cracking score and songs by Danny Elfman, ‘Nightmare…’ now makes for a thoroughly pleasurable 3D experience – partly for the wonderfully rendered details of the grotesque puppets and sets, partly because the script’s non-stop momentum suits the roller-coaster photography – and the punchy running time brings things to a close before eye-strain sets in.' Ben Walters 

Here is the trailer

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