Thursday, 12 April 2012

Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 108: Tuesday Apr 17

Butterfly Kiss (Winterbottom, 1995): Riverside Studios Cinema, 6.30pm

The British road movie is a rare beast but the best are well worth seeking out and Michael Winterbottom's Butterfly Kiss is one of the most impressive and well worth seeking out. BBC Film 2012 critic and Guardian contributor Danny Leigh posits why there are so few in an article here.

Time Out review:

'When punky weirdo Eunice wanders into a service-station in search of a friend, the dowdy girl at the counter, Miriam, is so drawn to the belligerent vagrant that she takes her home. That night, to Miriam's bemusement, Eunice strips off to reveal a bruised, chained, pierced body and seduces her; the next morning, however, finding her guest gone, Miriam feels impelled to head off in pursuit, a move that will draw her into Eunice's brutal world of seedy sexual encounters and habitual murder. This bleak, provocative debut is at once emphatically English and clearly indebted to American crime and road movies. It's an odd, unsettling little movie, graced with an uneven but authentically raw performance from Plummer as the ranting sociopath and a subtler, sometimes touching turn from Reeves as her beguiled accomplice/would-be redeemer.' Geoff Andrew 
Spoiler warning: the only YouTube entry I can find for the film here is the final scene!

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