Thursday, 19 April 2012

Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 116: Wednesday Apr 25

The Door With Seven Locks (Vohrer, 1962) at:
The Duke Mitchell Film Club Presents: Krimi Night! 7pm
Venue: King's Cross Social Club, 2 Britannia Street, WC1X 9JE
Here's an intriguing one. The brilliant Duke Mitchell Film Club folk are showcasing the Krimi. Any idea what genre that is? No. Neither have I. But if this (unearthed on YouTube) is anything to go by it should be great fun.

Here is their introduction to the evening: April is the month when the Duke has decided to expose that mostunderrated of genres: the Krimi! Simultaneously the forerunner to Giallo and the predecessor of British B mysteries, these fantastic pulp films were a joy to behold: from weird shooting techniques to amazing sets to mind-boggling pace, it's an absolute wonder that they have been laying dormant and unappreciated for so long.
So to introduce you to the genre, the Duke has chosen what might be the craziest, most brilliant krimi of them all: The Door With The Seven Locks! This 1962 West German production based on a novel by the father of the genre, Edgar Wallace, not only has everything from locked room mysteries to an early appearance by Klaus Kinski but also boasts the honor of having five twists in the last six minutes! Put that in your hat and smoke it !
But if that was all, it would not be the Duke. Our Trailer King has been working through the Duke archives, unearthing the most precious gems whilst our Krimi soundtrack with its groovy beats, our rare poster gallery, our short with a twist and of course the magnificient prize-filled quiz will all be making a welcome appearance at what is sure to be one of our most unusual and brilliant nights ever!
So put on your fedora and head on down to the The Duke on the 25th April as you will never experience anything like it!' More details at the Club's Facebook page here. 

Wow! Look at the trailer for tonight's feature here

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