Friday, 5 October 2012

Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 283: Wed Oct 10

Wings (Wellman, 1927): BFI Southbank, NFT1, 6pm

56th LONDON FILM FESTIVAL (10-21 October 2012) DAY 1

Today is the opening day of the London Film Festival. There are more venues than ever and 225 movies in total. I'm making it simple with one recommendation a day. Firstly, there's no point highlighting the major gala films - they sold out some time ago. Secondly, there is little to be gained in paying the higher Festival ticket prices to see films that are out in Britain soon. I will be returning to the London Festival films worthy of seeing and set to be released in the coming months on this blog as and when they get a general release in London.

Here then (from October 10 to October 21) are the films you have a chance to get tickets for and the movies you are unlikely to see in London very soon unless you go the Festival. Here is the LFF's main website for the general information you need. Don't worry if some of the recommended films are sold out as there are always some tickets on offer which go on sale 30 minutes before each screening. Here is the information you need to get those standby tickets.

Time Out review:
'Long touted as a classic by cinema historians, and justifying almost every adjectival extravagance. A spectacular tribute to the American flyers of World War I, born of Wellman's and John Monk Saunders' own experiences with the Lafayette Flying Corps, it's distinguished by matchless aerial photography, logistically-detailed battle scenes and dogfights, a unique blend of 'European' directorial touches with Hollywood pace, and solid performances holding the straightforward love/duty/camaraderie plotline together. Clara Bow leaves 'It' behind to work as a volunteer ambulance driver, while the boy-next-door she loves (Buddy Rogers) performs airborne heroics with his friend and rival-in-love Arlen, and Gary Cooper makes a brief but telling early appearance.
Paul Taylor

Here's critic Neil Young's Festival recommendations with Wings at No1.

Here is the trailer.

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