Thursday, 25 October 2012

Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 311: Tue Nov 6

Even Dwarfs Started Small (Herzog, 1970): Barbican Cinema, 8.30pm

This film shows as part of the excellent Step Into The Dark season to celebrate the opening of brand new screens at the Barbican Cinema. More details here.

Chicago Reader review:
'Werner Herzog's second feature (1970) is a frightening, obscene, and brilliant study of what happens when rebels (however justified) aren't worthy of the rebellion they start. Twenty-seven dwarfs, incarcerated in a “reformatory” grotesquely constructed to accommodate average-size inmates and presided over by a fatuous dwarf director who should know better but doesn't, stage a protest that quickly degenerates into aimless, pitifully malicious bouts of random violence. Not a vicious denial of the legitimacy of revolt (as too many critics have charged) but a bitter lament over the disservice revolutionaries do their revolutions.' Don Druker 

Here is the beginning.

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