Friday, 5 July 2013

Capital Celluloid 2013 - Day 204: Tue Jul 23

Bad Lieutenant (Herzog, 2008): BFI Southbank, NFT1, 8.30pm

This screens as part of the Werner Herzog season and is also being shown on July 25th. More details here.

Chicago Reader review:
Abel Ferrara's cult favorite Bad Lieutenant (1992) was a Scorsese-style exercise in macho histrionics and tortured Catholicism; this Werner Herzog drama plays more like a dark comedy, powerfully alive to the relaxed morality and hothouse culture of its title town. Taking over for Harvey Keitel, Nicolas Cage plays a different cop but with the same weakness for sex, drugs, and gambling; after a family of Senegalese immigrants is massacred in a drug-turf dispute, he swings into action. The director is particularly fascinated by the reptiles (snakes, alligators, iguanas) that are part of the landscape, and Cage, stoop-shouldered from a back injury and saucer-eyed from his chemical intake, is pretty damn funny. The sterling cast includes Val Kilmer, Eva Mendes, Fairuza Balk, Jennifer Coolidge, Brad Dourif, Michael Shannon, and Irma P. Hall
JR Jones

Here is the trailer.

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