Capital Celluloid 2013 - Day 199: Thu Jul 18

Troll 2 (Fragasso, 1990): Prince Charles Cinema, 7.10pm

This film is followed by the documentary Best Worst Movie on the Troll 2 phenomenon.

Here's the Prince Charles introduction: Following their SELL OUT performance back in February, TROLL 2 & BEST WORST MOVIE are back at The PCC for a second helping of Nilbog good-badness. The original "best worst film" of all time, TROLL 2, will again be screened alongside it's surprisingly excellent counterpart, BEST WORST MOVIE, making this the best worst movie night you're ever likely to see. The evening will also include: Free Double Decker Bologna Sandwiches, Nilbog Milk served at the Bar, Corn On The Cob & a raffle draw to win an original TROLL 2 VHS cassette.

Chicago Reader review:
A leading candidate for worst movie ever made, this cheapo horror flick by Claudio Fragasso was originally called “Goblins,” but when it went straight to video in 1990, it was repackaged as a sequel to the earlier and completely unrelated Troll (1986). The clumsy acting, laughable effects, and idiotic plot (marauding forest goblins try to turn a vacationing family into edible green goo) have won the movie a cult following whose believers insist it's so bad it's good. That may be so—there are certainly some derisive laughs to be had here—but life is short, and I can think of a lot more movies so good they're good. The new documentary Best Worst Movie examines the Troll 2 phenomenon and reveals what became of the no-name actors unlucky enough to have starred in the legendary turkey.
JR Jones

Here is the trailer.

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