Sunday, 30 June 2013

Capital Celluloid 2013 - Day 198: Wed Jul 17

The Sorcerers (Reeves, 1967): Hackney Picturehouse, 8.15pm

Here's the introduction to what looks a great evening: London psycho-geographical writer Iain Sinclair celebrates his 70th birthday year with the showing of 70 films he handpicked that relate to his work. Hackney Picturehouse is delighted to present the inaugural event of the series with a screening of "The Sorcerers", Michael Reeves' 1967 Boris Karloff science fiction/horror classic, followed by a rare cinema screening of the first of Iain & Chris Petit's made for TV trilogy - 1992's "The Cardinal & The Corpse". "The Cardinal & The Corpse" features a cavalcade of the 'reforgotten' including footage of Alan Moore, Michael Moorcock & Robin Cook (aka Derek Raymond) and east end poet/writer/activist Emanuel Litvinoff. Iain Sinclair, Alan Moore & Chris Petit will be on hand to read sections of their work and discuss the films.

Time Out review:
Perhaps the much-touted multiplex generation of movie-brat directors who purport to care so much about British genre cinema should take a look at this picture some time. Reeves directed his first feature when he was only 23, already displaying the virtuosity which would make its most astonishing manifestation in Witchfinder General. The story, adapted from John Burke's novel, follows an ageing couple, the Monserrats (Karloff and Lacey), who have devised a contraption that allows them to control the minds of others and vicariously experience the world through them. This has a particular kick when they find young prey in the form of Ogilvy to experiment on. As the Monserrats play audience to their victims' living scenarios, which the couple write to their own perverse specifications, this psychedelic horror film deals with the apparatus of cinema, and it still puts the mind in a spin.
Lizzie Francke

Here is the trailer.

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