Capital Celluloid 2013 - Day 189: Mon Jul 8

Moon (Jones, 2009): RooftopFilm Club, Queen of Hoxton Pub, 9pm

I have been to screenings at this venue and been very impressed. The seating is in comfortable directors' chairs, there is excellent food and drink and blankets to keep warm in cool weather. Here is a list of their upcoming attractions.

Chicago Reader review: On the lunar surface, a lonely astronaut for a commercial mining company (Sam Rockwell) counts the days until his three-year contract is up and he can return home to his wife and daughter. But after a hallucinatory image of a woman causes him to crash his land rover, the computer monitoring the moon base (given deadpan voice by Kevin Spacey) diagnoses him with possible brain damage and confines him to the infirmary. Written and directed by Duncan Jones (son of space oddity David Bowie), this eerie drama harks back to sci-fi movies of the late 60s and early 70s that explored inner as well as outer space (2001, Solaris, and particularly Silent Running). As it turns out, the moon is just another shitty place to work, and as the hero discovers to his horror, even his own selfhood is company property.JR Jones

Here is the trailer.

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