Capital Celluloid 2013 - Day 167: Sun Jun 16

Jason & the Argonauts (Chaffey, 1963): BFI Southbank, NFT1, 2pm

Jason and his band of Argonauts, with help from the goddess Hera, set sail in the Argo in search of the golden fleece, unaware that one of their own has been tasked to sabotage the expedition. You know the story what matters is the animation by the late Ray Harryhausen ...

Showcasing some of the best-loved creatures made by the living legend of Dynamation, animation pioneer Harryhausen, Jason and the Argonauts features the statue of Talos, the winged harpies and the iconic sword-wielding skeleton army.

Film historian Tony Dalton will be present for a Q&A after the screening to celebrate the film’s 50th anniversary.

Here is an extract.

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