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Capital Celluloid 2013 - Day 306: Sat Nov 2

No1 Top Sensation (Alessi, 1969); The Lady in Red (Teague, 1979) & Link (Franklin, 1986):
Roxy Bar and Screen final all-nighter, 11pm

This is the final all-nighter at the Roxy:

Here is the Roxy introduction: 
1. TOP SENSATION: All on-board as Filmbar70 and Camera Obscura start with the long lost grail of Euro sexploitation/ political/ allegorical/Italo-rash cinema – ‘Top Sensation

1969 – a period of cultural transition. As cinema began the long road to a freedom freed from the fetters of censorship, so myriad mutations began to form. ‘Top Sensation’, positioned between sleaze-mongering and anti-bourgeoisie baiting, is a particularly succulent morsel to digest. Replete with over the top sex and the overwhelming belief that excess is very, very bad, this tale of innocence defiled by commerce proves that you can have your cake and eat it.

2. THE LADY IN RED: Then, listed by no less than Quentin Tarantino as one of his favourite grindhouse films, Lewis Teague's The Lady in Red (presented by Savage Cinema club) purports to tell the scintillating truth behind the death of legendary gangster John Dillinger. Told through the eyes of his last girlfriend Polly (Pamela Sue Martin), the film explores the Depression-era crime syndicate, from bank robberies to whore houses to bloody gangland shootouts.

Produced by Roger & Julie Corman and boasting a crackerjack screenplay by future indie filmmaking legend John Sayles, The Lady in Red features a top-form cast, including then-recent Oscar winner Louise Fletcher, Christopher Lloyd, exploitation legends like Dick Miller and Mary Woronov as well as a memorable uncredited cameo by a certain Oscar nominee/recent Breaking Bad guest star. 
Savage Cinema will precede the film with a range of classic Corman trailers, as well as clips from the documentary Roger Corman: Hollywood’s Wild Angel (1976).

3. LINK: And finishing with the classic 80’s British monkey horror / thriller Link (presented by Aorta Burst).  A young Elizabeth Shue and Terence Stamp star (and get upstaged by) Locke the ape in a crazy story about a professor and his assistant looking after and studying after 3 chimpanzees.  It’s not going to end well…

Here is the trailer for The Lady in Red.


No 2 Harold and Maude (Ashby, 1971): Rio Cinema, 11.30pm

Another excellent choice for a late nighter in the midnight movie season at the Rio. Check out all their screenings here.

Time Out review:
'Like Bob Rafelson, a director similarly obsessed with the trials and tribulations of the children of the rich, Ashby forever treads the thin line between whimsy and absurdity and 'tough' sentimentality and black comedy. Harold and Maude is the story of a rich teenager (Cort) obsessed with death - his favourite pastime is trying out different mock suicides - who is finally liberated by his (intimate) friendship with Ruth Gordon, an 80-year-old funeral freak. It is most successful when it keeps to the tone of an insane fairystory set up at the beginning of the movie.'
Phil Hardy

Here (and above) is the trailer.

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