Saturday, 2 November 2013

Capital Celluloid 2013 - Day 326: Thu Nov 21

The Nightmare Space: Experimental Gothic shorts at BFI Southbank, NFT3, 8.30pm

Seven short movies exploring strange atmospheres, incomplete narratives and haunted other worlds.

Meshes of the Afternoon (Deren, 1943); An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge (Enrico, 1962); On The Edge (Harrington, 1949); Spill (Gussin, 2006); Rabbit's Moon (Anger, 1952); The Hyrcynium Wood (Rivers, 2005) and Striborg: Homosapiens Devoid (Phaedra and Nanna, 2007).

This is part of the Gothic season at BFI Southbank. Here is their introduction:
‘I have always considered movies evil,’ commented the notoriously occult- influenced filmmaker Kenneth Anger: ‘The day that cinema was invented was a black day for mankind.’ Featuring Anger’s Rabbit’s Moon, this ghoulish assortment channels strange atmospheres, incomplete narratives and haunted other worlds, and includes works by Ben Rivers, Maya Deren and Tasmanian Black Metal musician Striborg, plus an incredible adaption of an old, weird tale by Ambrose Bierce. Here, the shadow sides of consciousness find a place in the bleak and brutal landscapes of cinema. A sinister, experimental adjunct to the BFI’s Gothic season.

Here (and above) is An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge.

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