Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Capital Celluloid 2013 - Day 350: Sun Dec 15

No1: Out of the Past (Tourneur, 1947): Riverside Studios Cinema, 6.30pm

This archetypal film noir is screening in a double-bill with Double Indemnity. Details here.

Chicago Reader review:
The most delicate and nuanced of film noirs (1947), graced with a reflective lyricism that almost lifts it out of the genre. Robert Mitchum, a former private eye, has taken refuge from life as the owner of a small-town gas station. A gangster (Kirk Douglas) presses him back into service to search for his wandering mistress (Jane Greer). This is no expressionist thunderstorm of guilt and fate, but a film of small, finely textured effects, centered on subtle grades of morality. The cool, feathery photography is by Nicholas Musuraca; the director is Jacques Tourneur. With Rhonda Fleming, Steve Brodie, and Richard Webb.
Dave Kehr

Here's a (home-made) trailer.


No2:  Le Maman et la Putian (Eustache, 1973): Cine Lumiere, 2pm

This screens as part of Cine Lumiere's Sunday Classics season.

Chicago Reader review:
A major work, not because of its exhausting length (217 minutes) or the audacity, brilliance, and total originality of its language, but because of writer-editor-director Jean Eustache's breathtaking honesty and accuracy in portraying the sexual and intellectual mores of its era. This 1973 film "explains" Bertolucci's Last Tango in Paris, vividly and compellingly dramatizing the confusions, uncertainties, and complexities of thoroughly modern human relationships.
Don Druker

Here (and above) is an extract from the film.

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