Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Capital Celluloid 2014 - Day 157: Sat Jun 7

No1: The Boss (Di Leo, 1973): Hollywood Spring Cinema, 6 Well Street, E9 7.30pm

This is part of a weekend at Hollywood Spring, featuring selections and special screenings from some of the city's top film clubs – Cigarette Burns Cinema, Filmbar 70, Nobody Ordered Wolves, Off the Cuth and the Exploding Head Film Club. All the details are here.

The Cigarette Burns presentation features hidden classics from the criminally neglected Italian genre. Mafia vs police in a Fernando Di Leo double bill, featuring Quentin Tarantino's inspiration for Pulp Fiction, The Boss.

Here is an extract.


No2: 70x70 Season Finale: Directed by Iain Sinclair: Barbican Cinema 2pm

The finale event of Iain Sinclair's year-long 70th birthday celebrations – his epic, citywide, film curatorial and writing project entitled 70x70 (full film listings here).

Iain is joined in discussion by fellow travellers Chris Petit (director of Radio On) and fellow walker/writer Robert Macfarlane who recently described Sinclair as 'a national treasure'. The discussion will be chaired by Gareth Evans.
Event running time approx. 150 min
Film programme:
1 Dublin
UK 1964 Dir Iain Sinclair 15 min

2 Ah! Sunflower (Allen Ginsberg in London)
'In my early twenties, returning to London from Dublin, I was faced with the challenge I thought I wanted: to make a coherent documentary on Allen Ginsberg’s summer stop-over in 1967... Ah! Sunflower is an awkward, youthful exercise; a brightly coloured chart presenting discriminations of failure. But also a small historic record, glimpses of the real: we were there, we logged a piece of it.'
UK 1967 Dir Robert Klinkert and Iain Sinclair 30 min

3 Hackney 8mm Diary Films
'Moving to new territory initiated a project of mapping, recording, documenting. The plainest sequences, in the spirit of early cinema, citizens walking under railway bridges and the like, now carry the most potent charge.'
UK 1969–1975 Dir Iain Sinclair 30 min

4 Maggot Street/Maggid Street
'A film in two forms: the 8mm silent original from 1972: an alchemical fable, assembled rather than edited (or edited in camera), and running for as long as slow-projection will allow. The second version, reduced, finessed by footage of book-wrapping rituals in Rodinsky’s room (shot by Chris Petit) and Dave McKean provided titles and graphics. The first version is what it is: documentation of an era. The second remains, definitively, a work-in-progress.'
UK 1972 Serially revised (with Dave McKean graphics and John Harle sounds) Dir Iain Sinclair (with Renchi Bicknell, Brian Catling, Tom Baker) 30 min

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