Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Capital Celluloid 2014 - Day 171: Sat Jun 21

Out of the Past (Tourneur, 1947): Barbican Cinema, 4pm

"And then I saw her, coming out of the sun ..."

This film, a candidate for the greatest of all film noirs, is screening as part of the Gumshoe America season at the Barbican. Details here.

Chicago Reader review:
The most delicate and nuanced of film noirs (1947), graced with a reflective lyricism that almost lifts it out of the genre. Robert Mitchum, a former private eye, has taken refuge from life as the owner of a small-town gas station. A gangster (Kirk Douglas) presses him back into service to search for his wandering mistress (Jane Greer). This is no expressionist thunderstorm of guilt and fate, but a film of small, finely textured effects, centered on subtle grades of morality. The cool, feathery photography is by Nicholas Musuraca; the director is Jacques Tourneur. With Rhonda Fleming, Steve Brodie, and Richard Webb.

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