Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Capital Celluloid 2018 - Day 60: Thu Mar 1

Sawdust and Tinsel (Bergman, 1953): BFI Southbank, NFT2, 2.30pm

This brilliant Ingmar Bergman film, part of the director's season at BFI Southbank, also screens on March 2nd, 4th and 17th. Full details here.

Chicago Reader review:
A major early feature by Ingmar Bergman, also known as 
The Naked Night (though the Swedish title apparently means "The Clown's Night"). This 1953 film is perhaps the most German expressionist of Bergman's 50s works, as redolent of sexual cruelty and angst as Variety and The Blue Angel, but no less impressive for all that. The aging owner of a small traveling circus who left his wife for a young performer in his troupe tries to regain his lost family. Visually splendid, but you may find the masochistic plot pretty unpleasant. With Ake Gronberg and Harriet Andersson.
Jonathan Rosenbaum

Here (and above) is an extract.

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