Capital Celluloid - Day 161: Sunday June 12

La Bete Humaine (Renoir, 1938): Cine Lumiere, 2pm

What better way to spend a weekend afternoon than watching one of the Cine Lumiere's regular Sunday classic French movie screenings.

Here is the Time Out review:

'Stunning images of trains and railway lines as a metaphor for the blind, immutable forces that drive human passions to destruction. Superb performances from Gabin, Simon and Ledoux as the classic tragic love triangle. The deterministic principles of Zola's novel, replaced by destiny in Lang's remake Human Desire, are slightly muffled here. But given the overwhelming tenderness and brutality of Renoir's vision, it hardly matters that the hero's compulsion to kill, the result of hereditary alcoholism, is left half-explained.' Tom Milne

Here is an extract.

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