Capital Celluloid - Day 178: Wednesday June 29

Suspiria (Argento, 1976): Dalston Roof Park, 18 Ashwin Street, London E8 3DL, 7.30pm

This screening showing after a set from the band Tasseomancy (more details here).

I can think of few better films to see at this sort of venue than this horror masterpiece from the famed Italian director Dario Argento.

Time Out review:

'From his stylish, atmosphere-laden opening - young American ballet student arriving in Europe during a storm - Argento relentlessly assaults his audience: his own rock score (all dissonance and heavy-breathing) blasts out in stereo, while Jessica Harper gets threatened by location, cast, weather and camera. Thunderstorms and extraordinarily grotesque murders pile up as Argento happily abandons plot mechanics to provide a bravura display of his technical skill. With his sharp eye for the bizarre and for vulgar over-decoration, it's always fascinating to watch; the thrills and spills are so classy and fast that the movie becomes in effect what horror movies seemed like when you were too young to get in to see them. Don't think, just panic.'

If you want to read a longer discussion of the film's merits I can certainly recommend this essay by Tribune critic Neil Young.  

Here is the trailer.

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