Capital Celluloid - Day 183: Monday July 4

The Way Home (Kumar, 2010): Watermans Cinema, 6.30pm

This is screening as part of the Indian Film Festival in the capital. I haven't seen the film but Time Out's Other Cinema section editor Tom Huddleston reckons it is the pick of this year's crop.

Here is the Time Out review:

'Kumar's film deservedly won the Indian government's award for the Best Picture in the Malaysian language. A prison doctor promises a dying patient to escort her young son to his father Tariq, the head of a notorious terrorist group. A predictable mismatched man and boy road trip plot is enhanced by stunning cinematography through various Indian states, a dignified lead performance and sensitive handling of a contentious subject matter. It never soft pedals the touchy issue posed by current Indian terrorism and its devastating impact. Highly recommended.'

Here is the trailer.

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