Capital Celluloid - Day 228: Thursday August 18

Kind Hearts & Coronets (Hamer, 1949): Regal Picturehouse, Henley 6pm

This is pretty special. It's the world premiere of the digitally restored version of this classic British comedy. It's a See Films Differently production. And the celebrated director Terence Davies, who ranks Hamer's movie as one of his all-time favourites, will be on hand to talk about it after the screening.

Time Out review:

'The gentle English art of murder in Ealing's blackest comedy, with Dennis Price in perfect form as the ignoble Louis, killing off a complete family tree (played by Alec Guinness throughout) in order to take the cherished d'Ascoyne family title. Disarmingly cool and callous in its literary sophistication, admirably low key in its discreet caricatures of the haute bourgeoisie, impeccable in its period detail (Edwardian), it's a brilliantly cynical film without a hint of middle-class guilt or bitterness.' Geoff Andrew

Here is the trailer.

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