Capital Celluloid - Day 240: Tuesday August 30

Toby Dammit (Fellini, 1969) & Baba Yaga (Farina, 1973):
Ryan's Bar, Stoke Newington Church Street, 6pm - 12am (Films start 7pm)

This is part of the Scala Forever season, a programme of 111 films at 26 venues through to October 2 that will celebrate the wonderful Scala cinema at King's Cross which closed in 1993. Here is an article I wrote in the Guardian on the history of the cinema and the season and here are the details of all the movies and special events on offer, via the Scala Forever website.

Ryan's Bar introduction: 

We present a special double bill of Italian Gothic Psychedelia. First off, Toby Dammit, the haunting, bizarre story segment from the portmentau horror film Spirits of the Dead (1969), directed by the great Federico Fellini and based on the short story Never Bet the Devil Your Head, by Edgar Allan Poe.

Here is an extract.

Then as the main feature we have Baba Yaga (Corrado Farina, 1969). This is a rarely seen Euro-Sleaze-Horror classic, based on the cult comic strip by Guido Crepax, the plot being about a modern day witch who puts an evil spell on the main character - but this isn't important - what is are the luxuriant visuals, the abstract, meta-textual sequences, the groovy soundtrack and the psycho-sexual stylings - think Daughters of Darkness meets Suspiria and you are half-way there!

Here is an extract.

Before and after the film James DC will be spinning strange retro-electronica music and other-worldly film soundtracks, accompanied by insane B-movie film trailers.

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