Capital Celluloid - Day 238: Sunday August 28

"The Scala's programmes offered the cult alongside the classic with unique cutting edge movies that broke the boundaries of accepted style, subject and taste. The Rio's tribute brings together three such masterpieces." Peter Howden, Rio Cinema.

Rio Cinema Triple Bill:
Glen Or Glenda (Wood, 1953); Un Chant D'Amour (Genet, 1950) & Kenneth Anger's Magick Lantern Cycle (Anger, 1947-72), Rio Cinema, 1.30pm

Chicago Reader review of Glen Or Glenda:

'Ever since screenwriter David Newman wrote it up for a Film Comment article on his “Guilty Pleasures,” this grungy exploitation film from 1953 has been a staple of the underground screening circuits. The director, Edward D. Wood, was himself a transvestite (he boasted of wearing women's underwear throughout his hitch in World War II), and apparently he meant his film as a heartfelt appeal for understanding. But what emerges, after a cackling Bela Lugosi has been intercut with the slim plotline, is something rather more bizarre. Wood's later Plan 9 From Outer Space is, if anything, even weirder—the man had a definite genius for imaginative miscalculation.' 67 min.

Rio introduction to Un Chant D'Amour: The gay French writer Jean Genet made just one excursion into filmmaking with this poetic evocation of  prison life and homosexual desire. The cast was drawn from the author's friends, lovers and passing strangers.

Here is an extract.

Rio introduction to Kenneth Anger shorts: The world of Kenneth Anger is a spell-binding ritualistic mix of fantasy, surrealism, mythology, magic, decadence, homoeroticism and the occult. THE MAGICK LANTERN CYCLE, the short films he made between 1947 (FIREWORKS) and 1972 (LUCIFER RISING) are a dazzling and unique kaleidescope  of imagery, sound and sensuality.

Here is the trailer for the Kenneth Anger collection.

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