Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 138: Thu May 17

And Soon the Darkness (Fuest, 1970): Roxy Bar & Screen, London Bridge 7.30pm

Here is the Filmbar70 film club introduction to the evening's entertainment: With the glory days of the sixties fading fast, British genre filmmakers looked to the contemporary concerns infusing American generic cinema and further back to the rich vein of psychological dramas peppering the British celluloid landscape. Uncertain outcomes, social entropy and a pervading sense of nihilistic despair came to inform the results – our (and indeed, Europe’s) last wave of concerted genre filmmaking. Since consigned to nocturnal cathode ray emissions, the British thrillers of the ‘70s have been largely ignored or dismissed by our cultural commentators. But we at Filmbar70 love these smouldering embers of the British film industry. And what better way to celebrate than to screen one of the best examples – Robert Fuest’s tightly weaved ‘And Soon the Darkness’…

When two young female nurses (Filmbar fave Pamela Franklin and Michele - “oh Frank” – Dotrice) embark on a cycling holiday around southern France, nothing had prepared them for the sheer monotony of their trip. As tempers are tried and bickering flares, the couple decide to split – an action that leaves them more vulnerable than they could have ever imagined. For this alien, expansive landscape has a dark history, a history involving the unsolved abductions of a number of young women...

An excursion into the very, very eerie, ‘And Soon the Darkness’ wrings incredible suspense from its minimal resources. Dearly departed arch-stylist Robert Fuest imbues the wide, sunny spaces of the French countryside with palatable dread and cloying claustrophobia, tightening the screws of tension to breaking point.

We’ll also be sharing with you our top ten Brit Thrills of the ‘70s. Prepare to have memories jogged and opinions outraged as we count down our very favourite films of our very favourite decade… More here.

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