Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 146: Fri May 25

They Live (Carpenter, 1988) 4pm; The Monster Squad (Dekker, 1987) 6pm; Se7en (Fincher, 1985) 7.45pm & The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Hooper, 1974) 10pm:
I'll Be Your Mirror Festival, Alexandra Palace.

The Prince Charles cinema have chosen the films for Friday night at the I'll Be Your Mirror Festival, curated by band Mogwai and the All Tomorrow's parties crew. More details here of a brilliant weekend that includes Mark Cousins' new film on the Sunday. That day's films have all been selected by Louis Theroux.

Here is Paul Vickery of the Prince Charles with his reasons for choosing tonight's movies:
John Carpenter, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Aliens, OBEY, Subliminal Messaging, overly-long punch-ups... They Live has it all, and then some. We've screened this film at the Prince Charles a couple of times and every time it draws the best audience, but is seemingly ignored by even the most ardent of Carpenter supporters. But we'll continue to champion They Live for as long as the doors to the PCC are open. We feel it deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the rest of John Carpenters work AND once you've watched it, you'll know why. It's simply amazing and best served with a crowd so be sure not to miss 
Last year we set up a new 'REintroducing...' incentive, wherein we would set out to find those lost films of our youth which are no longer available to screen due to dissolving distributors, rights lapsing or even just lost 35mm prints. We had a 'Wish List' of titles we wanted to bring back and top of that list was THE MONSTER SQUAD. It took us the better part of 18 months, but after a world- wide search and countless phone-calls, emails and even faxes, in December of last year a 35mm print arrived at our building and we were proud to 'REintroduce...' The Monster Squad to a Sold Out UK audience. This film 
has now become part of the PCC's history and we couldn't programme a line-up without it.
Other than film, my biggest passion is music. Before being asked to curate this evenings cinematic entertainment I was already planning to attend I'LL BE YOUR MIRROR and take in my seventh Slayer show (a bit off topic, but I once dislocated my shoulder during their set at the old Astoria way back when), but as soon as All Tomorrow's Parties graciously invited me to pick some films I knew SE7EN had to be there... why? Well, when you're as big a fan of Slayer as I am, for no reason at all you know that SE7EN is Kerry King's favourite film and he is not a man you want to disappoint so it had to make the line-up.
As with SE7EN, an inherent knowledge of all things SLAYER has influenced this pick too. Tom Araya's fascination with serial killers led to his discovery of famed human skin-wearer, ED GEIN. And it just so happens that Ed Gein was the inspiration for Seasons In The Abyss track 'DEAD SKIN MASK' as well as TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE, making this the perfect connection between band and film.

Here is the trailer for They Live.

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