Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 152: Thu May 31

Sigmund Freud's Dora (McCall, Pajaczkowska etc, 1979) plus Light Reading (Rhodes, 1979):
ICA Cinema, 6.45pm

I Am Dora is a new artists' publication and this is the launch night.

Here is the I Am Dora Facebook page.  And here is the I Am Dora website.

Time Out review of Sigmund Freud's Dora:
'Feminine desire, displacement, obsessive housewifery, the image of the Madonna, smoke... fire. No wonder Freud's fragmented analysis of his rebellious teenage patient has become a feminist touchstone. This witty and ambitious film bends the rules of classic couch cinema, while inserts of telly ads and porno films interrogate woman's status as the object of desire.' Mandy Merck

Here is the ICA introduction to tonight: I Am Dora is an artists' publication focusing on how female characters in film affect womens perceptions of themselves. A subjective and personal study, I Am Dora explores how and why women identify with one another and what this means when the identification is with a flawed or misunderstood character.

Chapter 1 launches with LUX’s restored print of Sigmund Freud's Dora: A Case of Mistaken Identity directed by Anthony McCall, Claire Pajaczkowska, Andrew Tyndall, and Jane Weinstock (1979), and Light Reading by Lis Rhodes (1979). The event will include a short introduction and an informal discussion following the films in the ICA bar. The first 50 tickets sold will receive a complimentary copy of the publication.

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