Capital Celluloid 2023 — Day 106: Sun Apr 16

Blue Valentine (Cianfrance, 2010): Prince Charles Cinema, 6.15pm

This superbly acted, heartbreaking movie is showing from a 35mm print, and also being screened on May 11th. More details here.

Chicago Reader review:
Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling tear up the screen as mismatched lovers, shown in alternating sequences as a giddy young couple forging a much-compromised emotional bond on their earliest dates and then years later as bitterly divided spouses with a young daughter. They're just getting by on his wages as a boozy house painter and hers as a nurse, and his close, intuitive relationship with the little girl seems to be the only glue holding it all together. In a desperate move, husband and wife retreat for a romantic evening alone in a crummy hotel with theme rooms; theirs is the "future room," a garish space-age pad, and—wouldn’t you know it?—the future arrives. The performances are so gripping that the movie works despite its diagrammatic structure, which focuses on ironic rhymes between past and present and omits the entirety of the couple’s marriage. 
JR Jones

Here (and above) is the trailer.

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