Capital Celluloid 2013 - Day 81: Fri Mar 22

Spring Breakers (Korine, 2012): ICA Cinema 8pm
The events hosted by Ultra Culture (aka film critic Charlie Lyne) at the ICA sell out pretty sharpish so try and snap up a ticket as soon as possible. Harmony Korine's film is highly awaited and this will be the first UK preview.

Here is Lyne's introduction to the night's events:
Join Ultra Culture Cinema this spring as we break with tradition and move into the spectacular setting of the ICA Theatre for our wildest night yet: the first UK preview of Harmony Korine's rowdy, raunchy nightmare of a teen movie, Spring Breakers.

A mind-altering collage of juvenile vice and Floridian debauchery, the film finds Korine working at maximum capacity, leaving no controversy unstoked, no mind unfucked and no scene transition unaccompanied by James Franco's intoxicating mantra of 'spring break, spring break forever'.

Backed by a soundtrack combining the talents of Skrillex, SebastiAn and Drive's Cliff Martinez, Spring Breakers powers through its odyssey of excess like a hedonistic fever dream, sweating off the screen in a haze of fuzzy memories and ill-fated good times. With the muscle of the ICA Theatre's monstrous sound system behind us, you won't find a more authentic spring break experience this side of Panama City Beach.

Plus: DJs before and after the film, surprises throughout the night and rewards for anyone who rocks up in the recommended dress code of hotpants and neon pink balaclavas.

Time Out review:
'It’s not just the ample teen flesh that’s a little tender in the new film from Harmony Korine – the impish American filmmaker who wrote ‘Kids’ (1995) when he was around college age and directed ‘Gummo’ and ‘Mister Lonely’. Korine’s last full-length film was the scuzzy, experimental ‘Trash Humpers’, and he often keeps things unpolished in look and spiky in tone. But this absurd, brightly glowing tale of three girls (Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine) who rob a restaurant to fund a booze-and-sex holiday in Florida with a fourth friend (Selena Gomez) is surprisingly good-looking, dreamy and soft-centred.

What threatens to be a down ’n’ dirty tits ’n’ ass fest in the style of Larry Clark, or even a kids-in-peril thriller, actually turns into a warped fairytale of the American teen dream of hedonism and crime, one that takes itself just seriously enough not to be dismissed as trashy exploitation. It flirts with the mainstream – from which it borrows its style, music and actresses – but the film’s true intent is never fully clear. It’s campy and comic at times, but Korine also gives the film a downbeat, melancholic edge, with voiceovers, pointed repetition of dialogue and images, and hallucinatory camera work, sound and editing.
Dave Calhoun

Here is the trailer.

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