Capital Celluloid 2013 - Day 95: Fri Apr 5

Chelsea Girls (Warhol, 1966): ICA Cinema, 7pm
This is aprtt of a short Andy Warhol season at the ICA. All the details here.

Chicago Reader review:
'The most celebrated Andy Warhol feature (1966), and for many the best, is made up of a dozen 33-minute reels that are projected two at a time, side by side. The sound varies according to chance and the projectionist, as only one sound track is played at a time. The people shown include such Warhol “superstars” as Nico, Ondine, Gerard Malanga, Marie Menken, Mary Woronov (who later costarred in Eating Raoul), Ingrid Superstar, Brigid Polk, and International Velvet. All apparently residents of Manhattan's Chelsea Hotel, they engage in a number of activities and dialogues for 210 minutes, and the results are often spellbinding; the juxtaposition of two film images at once gives the spectator an unusual amount of freedom in what to concentrate on and what to make of these variously whacked-out performers.'
Jonathan Rosenbaum

Here is an extract.

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