Saturday, 10 August 2013

Capital Celluloid 2013 - Day 235: Fri Aug 23

100 Bloody Acres (Colin and Cameron Cairnes, 2012):
Empire Leicester Square, 11.30pm

This screening takes place on the second night of Fright Fest 2013, the UK's premiere international fantasy and horror film festival. You can find the details of the festival here. I am indebted to horror film expert Nigel Floyd and Cigarette Burns' Josh Saco for the suggestions and selections.

Fright Fest introduction: In the proud tradition of THE LOVED ONES and WOLF CREEK comes this hilarious horror from Down Under. Reg Morgan runs a small organic bone fertiliser business in the outback with his bullying older brother Lindsay. They've recently taken the lead over their competitors thanks to a secret ingredient – liquidised human corpses! When Reg picks up three city-slickers who've broken down on their way to a music festival, he's torn between his business instincts to mulch the bickering trio, and pangs of conscience as he falls for one of his captives, the charming Sophie. But Sophie has her own problems, she’s screwing her boyfriend James’ best mate Wes and being lined up for an appointment with the Morgan’s mincing machine is the least of them! Gory, shocking and funny, with one of the most hysterically disturbing sex scenes in cinema history, mark this rural survival saga an Oz classic.

Here is the trailer. 

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