Sunday, 18 August 2013

Capital Celluloid 2013 - Day 257: Sat Sep 14

Party Girl (Mayer, 1985) at the Parker Posey Film Festival: ICA Cinema 7.30pm

The Parker Posey Film Festival is part of the Scalarama season which runs throughout September. Scalarama is the  follow-up to Scala Forever and Scala Beyond and brings together all types of different cinemas, venues, film clubs, societies, pop-ups and festivals to encourage and champion repertory and community cinema, and be the UK’s widest and most inclusive film event.

Here is a link to the full calendar of films being shown and here is the Scalarama Facebook page. There's a very good article about the background to the season here at Mostly Film.

Here is the ICA introduction: The Parker Posey Film Festival is dedicated to celebrating one of the most unique American actresses working today through a series of screenings and discussions.

For this double we bring back to the festival, by popular demand, the incredible and criminally unseen Party Girl from a beautiful 35mm print. A tale of love, life and librarian-ism in 1990s New York, the film is Fun with a capital F. A soundtrack pulled from the dancefloors of the day, costumes from Parker's then extensive wardrobe and a supporting cast of superb actors, there is good reason why Girls creator Lena Dunham has the film's poster on her wall.

Screening alongside this we're incredibly excited to bring the UK premiere of season 3 of the Emmy award winning comedy Louie and the Parker starring episodes Daddy’s Girlfriend Part 1&2. The series is brainchild of comedian Louis C.K and his innovative production style and total creative control have given rise to one of Parker's finest performances in recent years.

There will be a Party Girl inspired party in the ICA following the screening. The Festival continues at the ICA on Sunday 15th September. Details here.

Here (and above) is an extract from Party Girl.

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