Sunday, 29 March 2015

Capital Celluloid 2015 - Day 102: Sun Apr 12

Calvary (McDonagh, 2014): Prince Charles Cinema, 8.45pm

This is part of the Best of 2014 season at the Prince Charles. You can find the full details here.

Chicago Reader review:
In this eloquent black comedy from John Michael McDonagh, an Irish priest (Brendan Gleeson) is marked for death by an anonymous man who was serially raped by his pastor as a young boy; as the priest counts down the days to his murder, his conflicts with his parishioners deepen into a colloquy on the nature of sin. The premise of an innocent man taking other people's sins upon himself turns Calvary into a passion play even as it places the movie squarely in the 21st century; the cross shouldered by the priest consists, in no small part, of all the ecclesiastical crimes now tumbling out of the closet.
JR Jones

Here (and above) is the trailer.

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