Capital Celluloid - Day 320: Saturday Nov 19

House by the Cemetery (Fulci, 1981): Rio Cinema, 11.30pm

This is brought to you by the wonderful Cigarette Burns people - more details via their website.
And here is their own brilliant trailer.

Time Out review:

'Cut-price spaghetti gore cooked up from the not exactly brand-new narrative premise of a nice middle class family moving to a house in New England with a sinister sitting tenant, the nefarious Dr Freudstein. Bits of Amityville and The Shining, plus every other imaginable mad-scientist, screaming-in-the-cellar, haunted-house horror cliché, shamelessly ripped off, cut and stuck together into (literally) a hack-work of almost awesome incoherence.'

Here is the trailer. 

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