Capital Celluloid - Day 324: Wednesday Nov 23

Requiem for a Dream (Aronofsky, 2000): Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, 9.30pm

The Underground Film Club at the Roundhouse is a new subterranean film experience from the creators of Hoxton's Rooftop Film Club which runs from 21 November to 18 December. You can find more details here.

Chicago Reader review:

'A staccato narrative parallels the experiences and hallucinations of a woman on drugs with those of her son and his friends. Her ambition is to be thin enough to be on TV; theirs is to become successful drug dealers. Neither of these goals is a far cry—metaphorically if not literally—from those many of us spend our lives pursuing, and this bleak vision directed by Darren Aronofsky (Pi) is pointless with good reason. The screenplay by Aronofsky and Hubert Selby Jr. was based on a 1978 novel by Selby.'
Lisa Alspector

Here is the trailer.

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