Capital Celluloid - Day 323: Tuesday Nov 22

Le Jour se leve (Carne, 1939):
Hampstead Film Society, Hampstead Town Hall Centre 213 Haverstock Hill NW3, 7pm

Time Out review:

'Possibly the best of the Carné-Prévert films, certainly their collaboration at its most classically pure, with Gabin a dead man from the outset as his honest foundry worker, hounded into jealousy and murder by a cynical seducer, holes up with a gun in an attic surrounded by police, remembering in flashback how it all started while he waits for the end. Fritz Lang might have given ineluctable fate a sharper edge (less poetry, more doom), but he couldn't have bettered the performances from Gabin, Berry, Arletty, and (as the subject of Gabin's romantic agony) Laurent. Remade in Hollywood as The Long Night in 1947.'
Tom Milne

Here is an extract.

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