Capital Celluloid - Day 326: Friday Nov 25

Turkish Passport (Burak Cem Arlie, 2011: Rio Cinema, 4pm
This film is screening as part of the London Turkish Film Festival. More details on the season here.

This production, winner of the best documentary at the Moondance International Film Festival, comes highly recommended.

Turkish Film Festival introduction: 'An untold story of hope, humanity and heroism during the Second World War, a time when Turkey was officially a neutral country. Using archive footage, dramatic reconstructions, documents and interviews with those who were there or their relatives, "Turkish Passport" reveals how Turkish diplomats such as BehiƧ Erkin, the ambassador to France, helped save hundreds of lives throughout Europe, by issuing passports to Jews even if they had no Turkish connections. An amazing tale, powerfully told.'

Here is the trailer.

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