Capital Celluloid 2023 — Day 21: Sat Jan 21

Jurassic Park (Spielberg, 1993): Everyman Screen on Green, 10.30pm

Those wonderful programmers at Everyman Screen on the Green are putting on a 35mm Steven Spielberg season (full details here) with the arrival of The Fabelmans due later in January. This film is also being screened on January 25th. Details here.

Time Out review:
No 3D enhancements or spiced-up SFX, just a straight digital restoration for Steven Spielberg ’s multiplex marvel, the film which established CGI as the dominant force in mainstream moviemaking. You know the plot – crumbly billionaire Dickie Attenborough resurrects prehistoric lizards for a fast buck, nature rebels, Sam Neill and assorted brats attempt to avoid becoming lunch. But time cannot dull the jawdropping impact of the film’s key sequences: the first brontosaurus encounter, the T-rex chase, the velociraptor attack. Famously, the film was edited concurrently with the shooting of ‘Schindler’s List’, and one can’t help thinking that it must have been as much of an escape for its director as it went on to be for his audience. Either way, this is one of the peaks of modern blockbuster cinema: a little rough around the edges, perhaps (that ultra-convenient ending is still a let-down), but crammed with invention, wit, skill and, as usual for Spielberg, more than its fair share of perfectly judged, off-kilter character moments.
Tom Huddleston

Here (and above) is the trailer.

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