Capital Celluloid 2023 — Day 35: Sat Feb 4

This film is part of the Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme at the ICA, marking its 20th edition with a celebration of Japanese cinema across the last 20 years – from much-loved masterpieces from the recent past to just-released future classics. The theme for this year’s Touring Film Programme is The Evolution of Japanese Cinema Where has Japanese filmmaking come from? Where does it sit in today’s cinema world? And where might Japanese filmmakers head next? Here are the season's details.

ICA introduction:
A wartime romance depicting an achingly beautiful juxtaposition of the brutality of war with sentimental love. Deemed as a major success from both an artistic and financial perspective, Saburo and Keiko’s farewell kiss through a train window remains one of the most iconic scenes in the history of Japanese cinema. Tadashi Imai’s tragic romance was considered for Japan’s submission to the Venice Film Festival in 1951, but ultimately lost out to Rashomon.

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