Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 255: Wed Sep 12

Kriminal (Lenzi, 1966): Roxy Bar and Screen, London Bridge, 7pm
This Aorta film club presentation is screening as part of the Scala Beyond, a six-week season celebrating all forms of cinema exhibition across the UK, from film clubs to film festivals, picture palaces to pop-up venues. You can find more details here at the website.

Here is the introduction for tonight from the Aorta Film Club's Facebook page: The first film of our dastardly double bill will be Aorta Burst favourite Umberto Lenzi’s 1966 adaptation of the character in KRIMINAL. This sexy, stylish 60’s Italo-thriller has all the gaudy colouring and anti-hero action you could hope for, and predates Mario Bava’s DANGER: DIABOLIK by two years. Forget about all the cannibal stuff, Lenzi really proves his flair for the visual in KRIMINAL, as his cameras greedily lap up the locales following Glenn Saxson across Europe as he stays one step ahead of the masterminds of Scotland Yard. Diamond heists and moody seductresses are de rigeur in the world of the KRIMINAL, so important life lessons will surely be learned by our audience!

We stay within the realm of theft with Yilmaz Atadeniz’s  ‘KILINK ISTANBUL’DA’, a decidedly darker take on the bony bon vivant and a totally unofficial use of the character. A milestone in the cinema of Turkish character recycling, KILINK behaves in an even more uproarious fashion, committing one heinous act after another. This incredibly bizarre lifting of the KRIMINAL mythos even sees the masked man battling Superman! Brought to DVD by the legendary Vassilis “Bill” Barounis of Onar Films (who sadly passed away last year), Aorta Burst is thrilled to have the opportunity to present to you this strange masterpiece in all its wonder, with thanks to the man who brought it to the attention of so many.

As always, the Aorta Burst zine will be available free of charge to the first 50 people, this time with a SCALA BEYOND slant, with comics, illustrations, stories and articles from a variety of wunderkinder, some kind of animated short will happen, affordable artwork will be on display and fun will be had.

Here are the opening credits.

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