Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 265: Sat Sep 22

FilmBar 70 Eurotrash all-nighter: Roxy Bar and Screen, London Bridge, 11pm-7am
This is screening as part of the Scala Beyond, a six-week season celebrating all forms of cinema exhibition across the UK, from film clubs to film festivals, picture palaces to pop-up venues. You can find more details here at the website.

Here is the introduction to the night's events: Filmbar70 welcome you to an all-night delirium of the senses as we celebrate the fetid delights of Eurotrash, that cinematic realm where horror, sex, art and kitsch coalesce into a pure pop pulp, where bodies writhe in the pulse of blood-red neon and unspeakable obsessions are enacted for your voyeuristic ecstasy. Far removed from the rigid dogmas of Hollywood, Eurotrash cinema dares to enter a dream state and discovers that anything is acceptable, as perversion becomes pleasure and the profane becomes profound.

Featuring a host of sexy plasma suckers, a deformed nazi punk, sapphic couplings galore and Robin Askwith, these mesmeric films are literally beyond good and evil…

Vampyros Lesbos (1971)
The obsessive maverick genius of Jess Franco flowers into a particularly perverse bouquet with this classic of Eurotrash, starring the ethereal and earthy Soledad Miranda in her most iconic role.
So Young, So Lovely, So Vicious (1975)
Italo melodrama of the highest magnitude, as the nation’s sweetheart Gloria Guida gets her bitch on and targets her father’s new squeeze, the porcelain Dagmar Lassander, for vengeful seduction…
Devil Story (1985)
Unclassifiable French madness, Devil Story inhabits a dream state of truly bizarre anti-logic with a tale that includes an invincible horse, a resurrected mummy and practically anything else that springs to mind…
Fascination (1979)
The mercurial mind of Jean Rollin begat many a vampiric elegy, and Fascination, a supreme mingling of refinement and erotica featuring French sex goddess Brigitte Lahaie, may well be his masterpiece.
Tower of Evil (1972)
Brit pulp at its most delirious, a yarn of truly fishy proportions that involves ‘jazz’ festivals, psychedelic hypnotherapy, gore and boobs. And yes, Robin Askwith makes a memorable appearance, complete with dodgy American accent…
Here is the Facebook page for the event.

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