Thursday, 6 September 2012

Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 256: Thu Sep 13

The Navigators (Loach, 2001): Prince Charles Cinema, 1.30pm
This is screening as part of the London Labour Film Festival and features a Q&A with the director Ken Loach.

This is the intro to Sheila Johnston's Observer article at the time of The Navigators' release: 'Have you heard the one about Ken Loach, the stand-up comics and the comedy about the privatisation of British Rail? Loach's new film, The Navigators, follows a gang of track- maintenance workers whose easy camaraderie and humorous banter dissolve into terrible mutual betrayal under the strain of the new working practices. Many roles are played by comedians and singers with little previous acting experience who have been drawn from the northern club circuit. Their brilliant timing and teamwork are fundamental to Loach's tragi-comedy, but this particular story contains several stings in its tail.'
You can read more here.

Here is the trailer.

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