Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 274: Mon Oct 1

Le Dossier 51 (Deville, 1978): Horse Hospital, Bloomsbury, 7.30pm
Here's a rarity. Like Gilles Perrault’s book on which it is based, Michel Deville’s seminal 1978 film, Le Dossier 51, is “composed entirely of secret films, tape recordings, written and oral reports of agents who write and talk in the jargon of their trade.” Sounds intriguing . . .

Time Out review:
'An effectively sinister paranoid thriller, an exercise in voyeuristic point-of-view which consists almost entirely of the detailed surveillance file constructed by a foreign intelligence agency in an attempt to 'turn' a totally unwitting minor French diplomat. A sleek technocratic nightmare of the impossibility of maintaining privacy, it plays fearfully ambiguous games with its audience, inviting complicity in piecing together manipulatable 'evidence', while advising the wisdom of an over-the-shoulder glance, and reveals even such ostensibly healing techniques as psychoanalysis to be easily amenable to annexation to the impersonal mechanics of espionage. Compelling ammunition for the 'information is power' anti-databank lobby.' Paul Taylor

Here's a snapshot. You'll like it

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