Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 36: Sunday Feb 5

Night of the Trailers: Roxy Bar & Screen, 7pm

What do you need to know? This is run by the brilliant Duke Mitchell film club team. They've found some of the most amazing and bizarrer trailers you're ever likely to see. You only have to look at the trailer for this Night of the Trailers evening to know this will be a lot of fun.

The trailer for the Night of the Trailers is here. The Facebook page for the event can be found here. 

Here's the introduction from the Duke himself: Welcome to the first ever Night Of The Trailers event, an evening dedicated to those short bursts of cinematic tease that explode onto the screen before the main feature. Only this time there isn’t a main feature, this time it’s just non-stop trailers all night long!

Yes come along for an evening of Coming Attractions as I guide you through the world of the film trailer, from the stylish to the raw to the downright bizarre you’ll see trailers for films you’ve never heard of, from directors long forgotten and from genres you didn’t know existed! I’ve got trailers from the 1930s right up to modern day, trailers from all around the world and from every different type of genre imaginable in this unique one off event.

Some of the highlights to look forward to include: a trailer I created myself for a film that’s so amazing it just has to be seen to be believed, a long lost Grindhouse trailer that’s never been seen by anyone anywhere since its release back in 1976, I’ll also be counting down my Top 5 trailer discoveries of the past year as I guide you through the evening.

So come along an enjoy these, and much more, in an evening of the unexpected and unknown as we take a trip through the Night Of The Trailers.

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